Customer services

  • Analysis of customer needs and wishes
  • Advice on the state of the real estate market
  • Finding and presenting properties and solutions for acquisition
  • Preparing and carrying out inspections according to the selected properties
  • Checking the necessary permits and authorisations and their documentation
  • Conducting sales negotiations
  • Legal and administrative support (our legal team prepares the preliminary contract, the main contract, all tabular documents, registration of property rights, etc.)
  • Transfer of utility obligations to the new owner
We cooperate with notaries, law firms, insurance companies, architects, surveyors, etc. Therefore, in addition to the standard services we offer, we are also able to provide ADDITIONAL SERVICES in connection with the purchase of real estate. A small excerpt of these services:
  • Applying for and obtaining the OiB number.
  • Opening a business (opening company)
  • Advice and arrangement of real estate insurance
  • Advice and assistance with all other requested documents
  • Applying for and obtaining a categorisation for tourist rental.
  • Advice and procurement of a property management (property maintenance, cleaning, pool maintenance, guest services, etc.)
  • Advice and procurement of an agency for the rental of accommodation.