Services to foreign citizens

In addition to the regular services we provide for our clients and considering that the agency is a branch of the German Real Estate Agency, we also offer additional services for foreign clients. All this with the aim of making it as easy as possible for our clientele. Starting from coming to Croatia, visiting properties, getting to know locations and regions, buying properties and of course taking care of them later. Our agents are native German speakers, so communication is easy and more accessible. We also organise accommodation for our clients, open a business if needed and provide maintenance and rental services for the purchased property after the purchase.

  • Analysis of needs and wishes - consulting on the state of the market
  • Finding and presenting real estate
  • Field tour of real estate by our licensed agents (native German speakers)
  • Document verification and legal support (our legal team drafts contracts that must be translated into the customer's native language)
  • Engagement of a certified court interpreter and translator
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation (extraction of OIB number, documentation required for registration of ownership rights)
  • Issuance of documentation in the name of the new owner
  • Transfer of utility obligations to the new owner
  • Organization of accommodation and familiarization with locations - contents, offer...
  • Coming up with a solution for the categorization of accommodation
  • Opening of the company
  • Preparation of real estate for rent and connection with the rental agency - booking
  • Property management – cleaning, maintenance of swimming pool, garden, guest care, guest check-in
  • Checking and maintaining the property in the off-season, keeping keys, sending invoices.