About us

Weiba Immobilienmanagement is a German company based in the monuntain town of Freiberg in Germany. We have more than 20 years of experience in buying, selling and managing real estate. This competence, as well as clients' interest in investing capital in the real estate market in Croatia, led to the desire for growth and the need for direct access and participation in the local market in Croatia.

With the founding of the Weiba Adria agency, a Croatian branch based in Vodnjan/Istria, we decided to use all the advantages of both markets. The focus is always on the goals of providing high-quality offers and comprehensive support in the sale, purchase and rental of acquired real estate. Our team consists of trained and licensed agents who speak Croatian and German as their mother tongue.

- GOAL -

The purchase of real estate often seems very challenging to buyers. They encounter various administrative problems, especially when the buyer is a foreign citizen. Therefore, our goal is to provide professional service and the necessary legal support. We accompany every step from the purchase to the leasing of real estate. We cooperate with notaries, law firms, insurance companies, architects, experts and other specialists in this field. We approach each mediation with increased attention, with the satisfaction of all parties being equally important to us.


Our vision is to enable the customer a special and unforgettable experience in the process of searching, finding and buying real estate. We offer support at every step of the purchase and a full service from a single source. In addition to the purchase or sale of all types of real estate, our offer also includes additional services tailored to each client according to their needs. In addition, we believe in the value of providing upfront information about the property's location and offering. Therefore, accompanying the customer on a journey through local culture, cuisine, beautiful places and customs is our greatest fulfillment. Buying real estate doesn't have to be exhausting.
With us, the customer learns to love the soothing energy and magical natural beauty of the most beautiful regions of Croatia.
This is what distinguishes us from other agencies.

With best regards from Freiberg

Marko Weilbach